Pokemon Games Dark Cry: The Legend of Giratina – 2016 [English]

Pokemon Games

Download Patched Pokemon Dark Cry: The Legend of Giratina Rom

 Latest version (Alpha 2.1.5)


Hack name: Pokémon Dark Cry: The Legend of Giratina
Hack of: Pokémon Fire Red
Language: English


Pokemon Games is You woke up and you realised that you were lying in a cave, and you saw everything black and white. Nobody heard you saying. But, you saw two people, standing by a dark altar. On the altar was sort of plate lying, kinda strange. The two people by the altar were talking about a “Shadow Plate”. You were trying to attack them with your pokémon, but your pokémons weren’t with you, and also, you couldn’t scream. Then, you saw a persoon walking with an emblem of an “R” on his shirt. You’re trying to stop him, but he walks right trough you.
You saw the person doing a strange ritual, and then, there was a big, big earthquake and a giant shadow was coming to you.

You woke up and realised it was all a dream. You walked out your bed, and looked at the clock, you saw it’s already … AM, you went to late for picking up you first pokemon. Later you realised that your dream is comming true!


*new hero/heroine
*4 new never showed fakemon
*new and better scripts
*new ASM routlines
*new proffesor
*new Battlegrounds
*New region
*new tekstbox
*New intro sprites
*new music
*Harder then fire red
*better with graphics and scripts then Thunder Emblem
*other story
*new tiles
*New pallets
*New gymleaders
*The story will be complete told.
*two rivals
*Time based Events!
*Ruins of Alph puzzel enable!
*Side quests!
*Brand new POKéPAPER!
*and alot more…








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